Globe’s micro-SIM card is here!

Was just talking to Globe Telecom’s head of corporate communications, and after showing her the iPad, she told me that Globe’s micro-SIM is already here.

I expected that Globe would eventually introduce the micro-SIM here but not this soon. The Apple iPad 3G uses a micro-SIM instead of the regular-sized SIM.

Here’s a good comparison between the mini-SIM and the micro-SIM:

Then, I realized — Apple iPhone 4G will be announced on June 7 and the phone will also be using the micro-SIM (based on Gizmodo’s dis-assembled 4G unit).

Now it makes sense. I asked for details and was told it will be available in stores and will be priced just like the regular Globe SIM cards.

*article form: YugaTech


2 thoughts on “Globe’s micro-SIM card is here!”

    1. the actual micro-SIM card that is available on both Globe and Smart is for iPad only. And it is for data only postpaid plan. Micro-SIM for iPhone 4 is not yet available in the market.

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