SmartBro WiFi and Smart Tag

Looks like Smart is testing a new service under their SmartBro brand which offers WiFi service to customers. Called the SmartBro WiFi, prepaid users get a Smart Tag with username and password to access WiFi hotspots for just Php10 per 40 minutes.

Smart is currently testing the service in one university (Ateneo de Manila University) according to one student there and they’ve even made a custom SIM card for AdMU students together with the Smart Tag.

According to one student who posted the info in the YugaTech FB Fan Page:

Today Smart was giving away free ATENEO edition Sim cards (numbers that start with 999.) PLUS, something they call SMART TAG.

It’s like SMART BRO. except you don’t have a USB modem. Just a permanent username and password. You can reload it like a normal smart bro. And you use that TAG (username and password) to access ANY smart bro hotspots.

Upon registration, you get 5 days unlimited wifi access right away. To extend for 1 day you pay 30 pesos.

It looks like an integration of PLDT’s Airborne Access service and SmartBro but with a much cheaper rate. I’m not sure how much is the current rate of Airborne Access but I’m sure it’s not Php10 per 40 minutes.

Update: Looks like Smart’s already have about 500 hot spots installed across the country for this and the regular rate is Php15 per 30 minutes. I guess the Php10/40 minutes is a promo rate for AdMU students only. Existing SmartBro postpaid customers get unlimited WiFi access on any SmartBro WiFi hotspots.

article by: YugaTech


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