Energizer XPal Powerpack for Mobile Phones

One of my recurring problems with carrying smartphones is that their batteries drain up pretty quickly, especially that it’s connected to the net most of the time. So portable powerpacks like these from Energizer are very handy and useful.

This one, I bought for around Php900 at the PC Show.

It’s an Energizer Li-Po powerpack that’s rated at 2000mAh and chargers practically any mobile phone. There have been a lot of these around for some time now but I wanted to try Energizer since it looks more portable and supports almost all charging ports of mobile phones (I just needed the microUSB port though).

This other one is a smaller version and was given for free with a purchase of a new phone (I got an HTC Desire). It didn’t say the power rating but it indicated 1.5 hours of talk time so I’m guessing around 500mAh.

It plugs in via microUSB and also charges via the same. The shape is a little odd though since there’s no cable extension and plugs in directly into the hub.

Also saw an Energizer Solar-powered battery charger but the rating was a bit low and the device was still bulky (selling for around Php5k). The ones I got are perfect to bring around just in case I need quick recharge.

Anybody out there using similar devices for their mobile phones?

article from: YugaTech


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