Galaxy S i9000 vs. HTC Desire vs. XPeria X10

So we have 3 of the super smartphones available in the Philippines — Sony-Ericsson Xperia X10, HTC Desire, and Samsung Galaxy S i9000. We graphed their specs and lined them up against their retail prices so you get a better picture.

The comparative chart below is mostly quantitative but it should gives us a clearer picture which of the 3 super smartphones tops the rest.

From my count, the SE Xperia X10 gets a base score of 5 from the screen size & resolution, CPU, camera and microSD card included; the HTC Desire gets a base score of 6 from the CPU, RAM, OS version, FM tuner, UI and AMOLED display; while the Samsung Galaxy S i9000 scored 10, winning in most of the features listed (not counting the SRP).

Spec-for-spec, the Galaxy S looks like a clear winner. Of course, when you factor in design quality and build, it’s totally another story and the numbers don’t matter as much.

So, if you have Php35k to burn, which Android smartphone would you pick from the three?

*article from: YugaTech


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