Canon 550D: Up close and personal

One of the latest dSLR in Canon’s line-up is the EOS 550D. It arrived in the Philippines sometime in late February and we only got the chance to get a sample unit from Canon Philippines to test last week.

Some of the highlights of the Canon 550D are the 18MP sensor, a 6400 ISO and up to 1080p video recording.

It also has Live View and a burst rate of 3.7 frames per second. Also referred to as the Digital Rebel T2i, the 550D squares off with the 7D in HD videos.

Here are some shots I took of the Canon 550D (right) beside the Canon 7D (left). Will be bringing both cameras and testing them around to check both the still image and video recording performance.

The Canon 550D kit (18-55mm IS) may retail for aorund Php54,950 while the body is around Php49,950 (of course, you can get it cheaper in Quiapo and gray-market sellers). Time permitted, I’m hoping to be able to do a review of this in the coming weeks.

*article from: YugaTech


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