The Globe Tattoo Micro-SIM: Your iPad’s Perfect Partner!

If you’re one of the lucky gadget geeks who snagged your iPad 3G this early, then you may have wondered how you can fit in a standard-sized SIM card into the iPad’s SIM tray. Now, you don’t need to cut and trim your SIM card to fit the iPad: here comes the Globe Tattoo Micro-SIM!

The Globe Tattoo Micro-SIM is the power-surfer’s ticket to a complete, total Web experience without borders and without limits. Designed for Micro-SIM enabled devices like the iPad 3G, it is powered by a new unlimited data plan available exclusively from Globe Tattoo.

At P999, the Globe Tattoo unlimited data plan provides you with daylong browsing. It is ideal for people who love to Tweet, update their social network statuses, email, upload photos and videos, and just about anything there is to do on the World Wide Web. The Micro-SIM hooks you up to Globe’s worldwidest 3G network, allowing you to surf seamlessly and conveniently wherever you may be.

Here are some pictures of the Globe Tattoo Micro-SIM and the iPad 3G in action:

Pretty nifty, eh?

To use your Micro-SIM on the iPad, follow these steps:

1. Go to “Settings”.
2. Press “Reset” then “Reset Network Settings”
3. Go to “Cellular Data”
4. Press “APN”
5. Change APN to
a. Postpaid:
b. Prepaid:
6. Deactivate Wi-Fi to be able to browse using the SIM (click Wi-Fi menu, turn-off)

NOTE: Every time you remove your Micro-SIM and then re-insert it, you need to go through Steps 1-6 again.

If you have your iPad 3G and you want to take it for a spin, drop by any Globe store on the Web and sign up for the Globe Unlimited Data Plan for only P999. If you want more control over your browsing experience, go for the prepaid Micro-SIM for only P50.00, at P5.00 for every 15 minutes of browsing.

For the gadget geek, the proud iPad owner, and the total mobile aficionado, the Globe Micro-SIM is just right for you. To know more about the Globe Micro-SIM and the Unlimited Data plan, call (02) 730 1000, surf over to or visit any Globe store.

*article from: The Globe Tattoo Blog

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