Smart to get into the micro-SIM game really soon

Globe was the first to announce the micro-SIM card here in our country last month and I got word from a credible source that Smart is not going to leave it at that.


Not much need for a micro-SIM card as of the moment because iPhone 4 (and it’s going to be locked to Globe anyway) is yet to arrive here and Apple iPad 3G is not that “hot” locally yet. But micro-SIM is going to be the trend in the future and Smart made a good move getting into the game this early even though being at the heels of Globe.

iPad 3G users will be the beneficiary of this move. If you own an Apple iPad 3G and you’re having difficulty with Globe’s 3G network, then the arrival of the micro-SIM from Smart will probably help you out. But of course, we can expect the iPhone 4 to have an unlock by the time it arrives in our country which will make a Smart micro-SIM card really attractive especially for Smart’s loyal subscribers.

Watch out for it real soon.

*article from: PinoyTechBlog


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