In cyberspace, GMA is still Philippine president


Despite showcasing a few tech triumphs during his inauguration, it would seem that President Noynoy Aquino’s minions are not as quick when it comes to overhauling the online government. A blog post by veteran journalist Ellen Tordesillas revealed that a week into the new administration, the Office of the President website ( still lists Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the current head of state. That, however, is just part of the story.

The website, which is currently unavailable, had been put down because visitors encountered this curious message a few days ago:

“The website at contains elements from the site which appears to host malware software that can harm your computer or otherwise operate without your consent. Just visiting a site that contains malware can affect your computer.”


Yup, malware. From (which has also been branded as an “attack site,” mind you). According to Tordesillas, she promptly informed the Office of the Press Secretary to make the necessary changes, but surprise, surprise, “nobody had the password.” Upon further investigation, the OP found out that the site is managed by Lia Bautista, a consultant for the OP who is currently out of the country.

Unable to make the changes, the OP just disabled the website.

Okay, something is definitely out of sync here. How can a new government with a proper transition team not be able to ensure that its online presence undergoes the same change? A website is very simple to manage, just look at us monkeys here at Techie, for goodness’ sake! Of course, given that nobody knows the password, we couldn’t blame the transition team, so who else could we point our fingers to but to the previous administration?

Is GMA so hell bent on leaving her dirty legacy even in cyberspace? Aren’t the unsightly tarps around the country enough to remind us that we “voted” for her? We’ll keep visiting the official OP website to see if anything happens. Until then, watch out for the Cha-Cha Train.




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