President Noynoy Aquino is 3rd most-liked politician on Facebook


Looking good, Mr. President

When President Noynoy Aquino won the recent Philippine presidential election by a landslide, we didn’t know that the newly elected Philippine president would become the 3rd most “liked” politician on Facebook – in the world. Is this another sign of the so-called Aquino magic?


#6 definitely caught our attention

President Aquino’s official Facebook page currently has about 1.61 million fans, a number putting him on top of the FB heap, just behind Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who’s at 2nd place with 1.8 million fans, and US President Barack Obama, who’s at 1st place with a whopping 10 million fans.

The gap between Obama and Aquino may seem wide, but we think that it really isn’t, considering that the US has tons more Facebook users compared to the Philippines (though we’re second in Asia, by the way).

Based on the numbers provided by, we see that 11% of the 14.6 million Filipinos on Facebook “liked” President Aquino while “only” 8% of the over 125 million US Facebook users did the same for President Obama.

The only other Filipino politician who has reached the million mark is Senator Manny Villar. He has more than 1.4 million supporters, a number that’s good enough to have put him at 5th place.

So are you one of those who have brought the 2 Pinoy politicians to the top?


Chart via Facebakers

President Aquino image via President Noynoy Aquino official Facebook page



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