GLOBE Unlimited Online Tracker

Never lose track of what’s most precious to you with Globe TRACKER!
Need to know your family’s whereabouts? Trying to find your friends?

For only P35 per day, locate your family and friends all you want! Enroll now at!

Globe Tracker is available to all Globe and TM subscribers.

Enrolling to Globe Tracker
To start using Tracker, you need to enroll online.

  1. Go to the tracker homepage,
  2. Click on the link “Enroll here”.
  3. Enter your mobile number then click on “Send Confirmation Request”.
  4. You will receive an SMS from 7000 requesting you to validate your account.
  5. To validate your account, reply with CONFIRM to 7000.
  6. The website will automatically redirect you to the Tracker web enrollment page.
  7. In the web enrollment page, enter your preferred name, email address and password.
  8. Click on “Sign me up!” to finalize your registration.
  9. You will receive a confirmation SMS informing you of your successful registration.
  10. The tracker website will refresh and you can start using the service. Locate now!
How to start tracking
To start locating a person, you must first add the person you would like to locate to your list of contacts. You can only locate people who consented to being located by you.
Globe Tracker does not allow anonymous tracking.
  1. On the homepage, click “Find a Person on the menu then click “Add a Person”.
  2. Enter the name and the 11-digit mobile number (091xxxxxxxx) of the person you want to add.
  3. An SMS will be sent to the person informing him/her of your request to add him/her as a contact in tracker.
  4. Once the person accepts your invitation, she/he will be added in your contact list with an “In List” status.
  5. You can now start locating your contact.
  6. To locate a contact, click on “Find a Person” on the website menu. You will see a list of contacts that you can locate.
  7. Click the text box beside the mobile number of the person you want to locate then click “Find selected”. You can also locate multiple persons at the same time by clicking multiple boxes.
  8. Click on “find selected” to locate the person(s) that you want to find.
  9. The description of the location of the person(s) you located will be displayed. You will also receive an SMS from 7000 containing the description of location.
  10. You can view the location of the person(s) that you located on a map by clicking “View Map”.

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