Did Gizmodo just cost Apple $87 Million?

Apple’s Steve Jobs finished their press conference and addressed the pressing issue of the iPhone 4 “antenna-gate”. After clearing up all that engineering issues and software updates, Steve announced they’re giving away iPhone 4 cases to everyone.

Free iPhone 4 cases to all 3 million who bought and refunds to those who paid for it earlier.

Among the first sites to cover the so-called “antenna-gate” was Gizmodo (among others) with their collection of videos demonstrating how the signal bars would drop when holding the iPhone 4.

And while Steve Jobs explained that the issue is not isolated to the iPhone 4 (even showing data from controlled experiments and call logs from AT&T), he added that if the free case will make everyone happy, then they’ll give it fro free or give refunds to everyone who bought it earlier (starts today thru September 30).

Apple reveals that they have sold 3 million units of the iPhone 4 in just 3 weeks. The iPhone 4 Bumper case sells for $29 a pop so that amounts to a total of around $87 million. Might be spare change for Steve but that’s gotta bruise the ego.

*via: YugaTech


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