Globe introduces new Unlimited offerings

As if Globe’s My SuperPlan is not enough to make your head spin with all the possible customization, they’ve introduced two more unlimited plans into it, My Super One and My Super IDD.

Actually, Super One was already revealed late last month but for those of you who don’t know, it is the first and only unlimited call and text offer to a frequently called number. For as low as P150 for each number every month or just P5.00 per day, you can stay in touch with your spouse, significant other or best friend for as long as you want. Existing My Superplan subscribers can also enjoy Super One for P175 per number every month.

Next is Super IDD which is the first and only call-all-you-can offer to US and Canada. For just P99 for an entire day, callers can stay on the phone for as long as they want between 11:00pm to 5:59am, Philippine time. That’s about 419 minutes of talk time, or just P0.24 per minute. Super IDD gets even more affordable at only P1,999 for a whole month of unlimited calling to US and Canada . That’s 30% cheaper than daily rate.

Launched last April, My SuperPlans is an all-you-can buffet of services such as call, text and web browsing. Subscribers can choose any plan and add as many services as he or she wants for the month. Subscribers also have the option of changing their plans every month.


Want to try Super One and Super IDD right now? If you’re already on a  Globe postpaid or Fully Loaded plan, just pick the person you want to be your SuperOne and then text SUPERONE <that person’s Globe or TM mobile number> ON to 8888. If you’re on a Globe SuperPlan, text MY SUPERONE <that person’s Globe or TM mobile number> ON to 8888.

And if you want to call abroad easily with Super IDD,  text SUPERIDD 99 to 8888 for P99 one-day IDD calling, or text SUPERIDD ON to 888 for 30 whole days of off-peak bliss.

To know more about Globe’s Super offers, call (02) 730 1000 or visit a Globe Store near you.

*via: Pinoy Tech Blog


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