Globe Immortaltxt and Immortalcall+ End of Promo

Please be informed that IMMORTALTXT and IMMORTALCALL+ are available until July 31, 2010 only and will not be extended.

Official Statement

Hey everyone, big news!   Being Globe-connected just keeps getting better because we’ve got more great services to keep you in touch! Try these on for size.

Globe’s new SUPERUNLI 25 service gives you all-day unlimited calls and texts to all your friends on Globe and TM, for just P 25. Just text SUPER25 to 8888 to register.  Or go for best value with UNLITXT which lets you text to the max to all your Globe and TM buddies for only P 20. Just text UNLITXT 20 to 8888 to try it.

But if you’d rather hear that special someone’s voice, try our super-affordable 3-minute calls for just P 10.00 per call when you dial a Globe or TM number. Plus you don’t need to register to try it. Just dial 235 + the 10-digit Globe/TM mobile number.

And if you want super-sulit calling, use Sakto Calls which lets you call Globe and TM buddies for just P 0.10 centavos per second from Monday to Saturday. And on Sundays, it’s only P 0.05 centavos per second! Just dial 232 + the 10-digit Globe/TM mobile number.

So even though may have heard that IMMORTALTXT20 AND IMMORTALCALL+ promos are coming to an end by July 31, 2010 and will no longer be available starting August 1,  we don’t want you to worry.  We promise that we’re busy coming up with lots more new ways to keep you happy and in touch with all the people that matter to you.

Stay tuned!


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