BlackBerry Desktop Software for OS 6 now in beta

BlackBerry Desktop Software 6 betaRIM makes its BlackBerry Desktop Software available in a limited beta ahead of the OS 6 release.

(Credit: RIM/BlackBerry)

With international ad campaigns, a second “sneak peek” video of its forthcoming BlackBerry OS 6, and several new services–like BlackBerry Protect–BlackBerry-maker RIM has been keeping our attention.

The company’s latest is the release of BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 in a limited beta for Windows computers. RIM hasn’t shared many details about how many beta invitations it’s giving away for the management software, or how long the closed beta period will last, though RIM does plan to release the software later “this summer.”

RIM also shared some teaser screenshots of the revamped app, along with the promise of more-explicit details to come. If there are any major surprises in store, RIM isn’t giving them away. The screenshots mostly showcase the app’s longtime multimedia-syncing features and application organizer, albeit with an attractive, uncluttered, and dark-themed redesign. RIM also promised “major changes…inside and out,” but we’ll be the judge of that. We wouldn’t be surprised to see some soft of integration with the BlackBerry ID that will guide how applications are maintained (among other things), and we wouldn’t mind seeing some convergence with the new BlackBerry Protect service–but we won’t hold our breath.

To get started with the BlackBerry Desktop Manager 6 beta, register or log in through RIM’s BlackBerry Beta Zone.

*via: CNET


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