HTC Wildfire First Impressions

We headed off to the office of HTC’s Philippine Distributor yesterday to get a first hand preview of the HTC WildFire and after some time with the handset, let me share with you my first hand impressions.

We were actually shown two units — an engineering unit of the grey-colored Wildfire with a trackball and the final black-colored unit with the trackpad. We were able to play around the engineering unit since it was on and running Android 2.1 while the retail unit was still in its pristine un-touched condition.

  • The Wildfire looks a bit like the Nexus One crossed with the Desire with the combo of the touch panel and the trackpad. Had that trackball on the engineering unit pushed thru, it might as well have been called the Nexus One Mini.
  • It has a small or rather shorter form factor but has the same built as the HTC Desire.
  • The specs were enough to run Android 2.1 and the handset feels snappy and surprisingly responsive. HTC Sense UI worked its charm with the 5 Home Screens.
  • There was a noticeable difference with the TFT capacitive screen — the grainy-ness was evident and you can clearly see the pixels (sort of) flicker upon closer inspection. Once you get used to the HTC Desire and Legend, you will really miss the AMOLED when you go for the Wildfire.

*via: YugaTech


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