Energizer XPal XP18000 Power Pack

When I bought that Energizer portable powerpack for my phone a couple of months back, I think I saw a much bigger one that’s meant for laptops. Then last week, a rep from Energizer Philippines contacted me asking if I want to try one.

So I picked the largest unit they had which is this XPal XP18000 Power Pack that’s rate at 18,000mAh. I imagine my notebook’s battery is only at 5,600mAh so that’s like 3 times more capacity. I reckon it’s possible to run my laptop for 24 straight hours using this battery pack.

The portable battery pack also comes with over a dozen power adapters that can fit in any imaginable mobile phone unit, media players and laptops.

The Li-Ion battery weighs just about 0.5lbs, has a charge time of 4 hours and can then charge up to 3 devices all at once. The battery can be recharged up to 500 cycles before it finally gives up — not a lot but I think that will last you around 2 or 3 years.

*via: YugaTech


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