Archos 9 PC Tablet running Windows 7

So we got our hands on the new Archos 9 PC Tablet, and unlike its smaller siblings (the Archos 5 and Archos 7), this one comes with Windows 7 instead of Android OS.

This 8.9-inch PC tablet reminded me of those early versions of the netbook years ago. This is also the very first time I saw an Atom Z-series CPU clocked at 1.2GHz (Atom Z515). I guess they really are for the MID types.

Archos 9 PC Tablet specs:
8.9″ LED backlight display @ 1024×600 pixels
Intel Atom Z515 1.2GHz
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Bluetooth 2.1
1.3MP camera
USB 2.0 port
3.5mm audio jack
2400mAh Lithium Polymer battery
Windows 7 Starter

The Archos 9 has a resistive screen so it comes with a stylus tucked at the back. Using the stylus with Windows makes more sense than on Android. The optical trackpad also helps with the mouse navigation.

The USB port and Windows 7 allows you to hook up the Archos 9 to a lot of devices you normally do on your laptop or PC. I was able to have Smart Bro Plug-it and Globe Tattoo running on the device for some wireless (3G) internet. Since it also has a built-in mic, speakers and a webcam you’re all set to do Skype video too.

There’s also a kickstand at the back so you can position it better when watching movies. The Lithium polymer battery can also be easily removed at the back panel for when you want it replaced later on.

At 16mm thick, the Archos 9 comes close to the Apple iPad (13.4 mm) and though the over-all size may look smaller, it’s still way heavier (0.82kg vs. 0.63kg). The Archos 9 retails for around Php29k in stores but wait for our review first before deciding to get one.

*via: YugaTech


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