BlackBerry Internet Service, making the BlackBerry a class of its own

With all those smartphones running around these days, BlackBerry still remains one of the best option especially for professionals. If you’re not a BlackBerry user, you may be wondering what’s with BlackBerry and why do a lot of people love it so much?

One of the main reason is the BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS). A BlackBerry user experience is not complete without maximizing the features of BIS. It’s an additional cost you pay your telco provider on top of your data plan but it’s well worth it.

BIS is an e-mail and Internet service for BlackBerry devices that is designed to provide subscribers with automatic delivery of e-mail messages, mobile access to attachments, convenient access to online content, and easy connection to popular social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc.

Subscribers can add up to ten e-mail addresses for supported e-mail accounts to their BlackBerry Internet Service account. The BIS is designed to retrieve messages from these integrated e-mail accounts, push them to subscribers’ BlackBerry devices, and provide wireless reconciliation. Subscribers using Google Mail™ can also synchronize contacts between their online account and their BlackBerry device.

Besides these, a new BlackBerry e-mail address can also be created for subscribers to send and receive messages on their BlackBerry device. What makes e-mail service on BlackBerry unique is RIM’s highly regarded push technology, which compresses data and allows users to save on costs and maximize battery life.

E-mail and messaging capabilities, BlackBerry applications, and constant access to one’s social network are only some of the experiences unlocked by the BIS. As it becomes more available from leading carriers in the Philippines, the BlackBerry smartphone is one’s go-to assistant in maintaining work-life balance.

Now I know why a lot of my BlackBerry-using friends aren’t too keen on switching to an Android.

*via: PinoyTechBlog


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