Intel to buy McAfee, Anti-Virus on a Chip?

News just came in that Intel is set to buy antivirus company McAfee for an estimated $7.68 billion, all in cold hard cash. Now that’s a bit of a surprise.

Intel’s revenue last year amounted to about $35 billion (with $4.4 billion profit) while McAfee made $2 billion (and $173 million in profit) last year.

This could mean that someday, all the Intel processors may come with security features that include a McAfee Antivirus. If that happens, it could spell the doom of all other antivirus softwares out there. You no longer need to get a separate antivirus because you desktop PC or laptop will come built-in with one.

*via: YugaTech


2 thoughts on “Intel to buy McAfee, Anti-Virus on a Chip?”

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