Sapido 3G Router vs. SmartBro Share-It

Recently bought this Sapido Mobile 3G Router so I can compare it with the SmartBro Share-It WiFi router I use in my car and see which one makes for a better mobile internet set-up.

For about a year now since I got the SmartBro Share-It, it has found its place inside my car wherever I go around the city.

I tried bringing it up north on long trips and it was still working in Bulacan and down south, as far as Sta. Rosa. We even manage to make it work until the end of the South Luzon Expressway.

The problem with SmartBro Share-It is that they lock you to a certain location (or base stations) so when you travel outside that area of coverage, the device will no longer work or have access to internet. In my case, my Share-It is registered and locked in Makati City.

When that happens, I switch to a USB dongle or tether to a phone for 3G internet. But that means only one device at a time can have internet connection (although you have alternatives like this and this).

So here comes Sapido, a mobile 3.5G WiFi router which I’ve been reading about since last year. It works just like SmartBro Share-It but unlocked so you can also use your Globe Tattoo or Sun Wireless Broadband USB dongle with it.

And on top of having an AC adaptor and a car kit, it also have a DC socket so it’s possible to hook the device to an external battery or power via the mini-USB port. That means I can plug this to that Energizer XPal X18000 Power Pack and get that truly mobile WiFi 3G set-up I need.

Got the Sapido for Php3,300 in one store (near CDR King) in VirraMall, Greenhills this week-end. The car kit is optional for Php200.

*via: YugaTech


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