Sky Broadband offers 112Mbps for Php19,999

Heard about this yesterday but wasn’t able to verify it until today when I visited their booth and asked for a demo. Yes, you read it right — Sky Broadband is offering up to 112Mbps residential cable internet.

Then, I saw this banner/standee that says it’s really 112Mbps and not the 12Mbps we already knew they’re offering for about 2 years now.

Yeah, I couldn’t believe myself. So I had to see and test it. So here’s the YouTube clip I took while testing it on SpeedTest:

From our tests, it was able to register 86Mbps downstream and 4.3Mbps upstream. Sky Broadband reps tell me the theoretical speed is 112Mbps down and 5Mbps up.

I tried viewing YouTube HD (720p) and it was playing really smooth and I could really see the buffer status going faster than the playback.

There’s a catch here though — the subscription costs Php19,999 per month and it’s currently only available to residents of Manansala Tower at the Rockwell Center, Makati. They sure do know which condo residents have the cash to afford this service.

*via: YugaTech


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