Leaked cases reveal new iPod touch and iPod nano designs

Leaked iPof cases

iLounge has stumbled upon an image that supposedly shows the alleged casings for the upcoming iPods.  The site’s senior editor, Charles Starrett, speculates that the small, rather squarish case is a preview of the 6th-gen iPod nano while the curvy-edge casings reveal the 4th-gen iPod touch‘s new form.

The China-made housings by X-Doria confirm that the new touch will in fact have a rear-facing camera and that it could possibly include a flash or a microphone – for FaceTime, maybe? The back of the unit, according to iLounge, is shaped more like the MacBook Pro (flat surface and curved edges) rather than the curved surface seen on the present-day iPod touch.

9to5Mac has additional images of the alleged casings, and judging by the way they look, this leak seems to be legit.

iPod touch leaks aren’t new. In fact, it might have prompted Apple to nix the camera during last year’s release. This time, however, we doubt if Steve Jobs could still afford to keep the whole of Appledom in suspense. He needs a major, major pick-me-up after the headaches that the iPhone 4 has given him.

Via 9to5Mac and MacRumors

Source iLounge


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