Nokia still biggest phone manufacturer – ABI Research


ABI Research‘s Q2 2010 phone sales figures are in, and as expected, Nokia still ruled the roost as far as sheer volume goes. (Remember that it was also last year’s number one not only in the Philippines but in the world.) However, as the smartphone wars heat up, the Finns also saw their market share dwindle. A sign of the times and  products that need an upgrade, perhaps?

Here’s the list of the 10 biggest handset makers and how they fared against each other courtesy of market research firm ABI.

Shipment (in millions) Growth
Vendor 2Q 2009 1Q 2010 2Q 2010 QoQ (1Q10-2Q10) YoY (2Q09-2Q10)
Nokia 103.2 107.8 111 3.0% 7.6%
Samsung 52.3 64.3 63.8 -0.8% 22.0%
LG 29.8 27.1 30.6 12.9% 2.7%
BlackBerry 8.0 10.5 11.2 6.7% 40.5%
Sony Ericsson 13.8 10.5 11.0 4.8% -20.3%
Apple 5.2 8.8 8.4 -4.0% 61.5%
Motorola 14.8 8.5 8.3 -2.4% -43.9%
ZTE 3.7% 13.5%
HTC 66.7% 83.3%
Huawei 41.5% 48.0%
Totals (Top 10) 241.0 252.5 263.4 4.3% 9.3%
Totals handsets shipped 269 303 321.2 6.0% 19.4%

Note: Figures only include handsets sold to the retail channels and not directly to consumers. Figures for several vendors were ommitted for reasons owing to competition

As the numbers show, Q2’s top 5 mobile-phone manufacturers in terms of shipment were Nokia, Samsung, LG, RIM BlackBerry, and Sony Ericsson.

The figures don’t show, though, that Nokia‘s overall market share dipped to 36.4% in the second quarter. ABI likewise said that while the Finnish company is still doing well at lower price points, it’s having a hard time coping with the Androids, BlackBerrys, and iPhones of the world. To get new revenue streams, it’s out to improve Symbian, launch MeeGo, and push the adoption of Ovi services.

Via fiercewireless

Source ABI


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