RUMOR: Apple to release new iPods on September 1

Apple Music event

MP3 player pioneers-slash-killers Apple is purportedly set to introduce a new line of iPods this coming September 1 at the Yerba Buena Centre in San Francisco, California. Slated to make an appearance are the new iterations of the iPod shuffle and the iPod touch, 2 of the most-awaited upgrades in recent Apple memory.

Speculations about a shuffle with a 1.7-inch touch screen have been going around for a while, especially since the puny player is beginning to feel dated. Being just cute just doesn’t cut it anymore in the age of iOS and the like.

Speaking of iOS, perhaps the most realistic prediction would be the release of a new iPod touch, which will sport the same screen as that on the iPhone 4, i.e. the Retina Display and FaceTime capabilities.

Rumors of a revamped Apple TV (iTV?) making an apperance have also been circulating, although that would veer away from the event’s music-centric theme.

We agree with The Guardian when they said that this could very well be the last hurrah for the iPod. MP3 players are just too specialized to still be able to survive in the new decade.

Via Gizmodo and The Guardian

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