Samsung launches new NF and SF Series laptops with ‘shark’-like designs

It’s that time of the year again! Yep, the time when most laptop makers start thinking about the holiday season and unleash a massive amount of systems. Samsung’s kicking off its announcements at IFA with the SF and NF Series, both of which have a brand new wave or fin-like designs — they were apparently codenamed “shark” within the company. Beginning with the netbooks, the NF series will hit in the coming weeks and will be available in two skus — the ivory, single-core Atom NF210 will be $379 and the silver NF310 will have a dual-core Atom processor for $399. We got a chance to check them out a few days ago and found the overall build quality to be really solid — we really loved the new chiclet keyboard as well as the swirly pattern on the metal touchpad. Sammy’s also claiming over 10 hours of battery life on them, but we’ll obviously want to test that for ourselves.

On the bigger and badder end is the SF Series. Similar to the netbooks, the mainstream laptops have glossy lids with the new wave like edges. According to Samsung’s global press release, they’ll be available with Core i3 / i5 processors and in three different sizes — there’s the 13.3-inch SF310, 14-inch SF410 and 15.6-inch SF510. The US team tells us the $749 Core i3-powered, 500GB hard drive-packing SF510 will hit the market soon and will be a Best Buy exclusive. We got a peek at that one as well, and similarly love the new chiclet keyboard, though we’re hesitant on this one’s single-button touchpad. Until we bring you some full reviews, there’s additional details in the press release below and some hands-on shots in the gallery.


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