New Apple TV shrinks, loses internal drive

One of the more un-impressive announcements of Apple yesterday was the re-design of the new Apple TV from a media player to a media streamer.

I actually liked the new design and form factor but Apple introduced new features that requires service which are either absent or not available in the Philippines.

Apple TV
Apple A4 processor
802.11n Wi-Fi (a/b/g compatible)
Optical audio
10/100BASE-T Ethernet
Built-in IR receiver
Aluminum Apple Remote

Apple now has the ability to stream Netflix content, a service not available in the country. Likewise, since the new Apple TV does not have any internal storage, you’ll have to rely on other devices in the house for media content — your Mac or PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, or the iPad via AirPlay.

And with the state of internet connectivity in the Philippines, I think streaming 720p content from iTunes Movie/TV rentals is nearly impossible if not a frustrating experience.

At least, the price has gone down considerably and now sell for just $99. As expected, it is not available on the Apple Philippines Online Store (what they offer is still the old 160GB Apple TV).

*via: YugaTech


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