The skinny on Apple’s new iPods

Apple just revealed the next generation of iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano and the iPod Touch on their Fall 2010 event and it left a lot of people really excited, including us. Here’s what’s new with the iPods and our take on them.

iPod Shuffle

Apple brought back the click wheel on the new iPod Shuffle signifying that the previous no-button version didn’t really go well as expected. It’s now a hybrid of the previous Shuffle and the original one with a square-ish form. Voice-over for songs and artists was carried over and battery life was improved to 15 hours.

ipodshuffleOur take:

Now this is more like it. Actually there’s nothing wrong with the form factor of the original iPod Shuffle, they just want to innovate with the succeeding generation. Glad that they brought the old form back and made it more smaller. They let go of the earphones with playback control from the last Shuffle that was problematic during workouts and replaced it with an ordinary one.

It’s much cheaper at $49 and I guess the standard earphone has something to do with that. Seems that all you need is 2GB because there are no other models.

Price (US and Philippines): 2GB – $49 (Php2,490)

iPod Nano

The iPod Nano became the super-mini iPod Touch. It now has a square form factor like the Shuffle but slightly bigger. The 1.54-inch (240 x 240 resolution) multi-touch display will cover all your playback button needs. Only the volume and sleep/wake have dedicated buttons.


Our take:

Honestly, I’m not sold on that touch display. It’s cool but I think it’s too small to easily navigate through your list of songs especially while you’re running. I like the small form though making it really ideal for working out (with the built-in Nike+) by just clipping it on your shirt. No need for armbands.

Price (US and Philippines): 8GB – $149 (Php7,990) | 16GB – $179 (Php9,790)

iPod Touch

This 4th generation iPod Touch takes its cue from the iPhone 4. It has the same retina display, same 1GHz processor, same 3-axis gyro, camera capable of HD video recording and a front facing camera for Facetime. It’s basically a sexier and slimmer iPhone 4 without the data plan and a big upgrade from the previous Touch.

ipodtouchOur take:

This is the iPod Touch everybody’s waiting for. Just having the camera is worth the upgrade. The retina display and 1GHZ processor is just gravy on the top. Media, gaming, camera, this new iPod Touch got you covered. With the pre-installed iOS 4.1, you can now enjoy playing games with your friends more using Game Center.

Price (US and Philippines.): 8GB – $229 (Php12,490) | 32GB – $299 (Php15,990) | 64GB – $399 (Php21,990)


Well the bottomline is Apple really did well with all three iPods. Having priced the same (or even cheaper) as the previous models, there’s no reason for you not to upgrade if you’re contemplating on that one. Of all the three, I think the iPod Touch is the most worthy upgrade. 5th gen nano users won’t miss much not upgrading but I really dig the clip-on style on the new nano. The iPod Shuffle would be a popular gift for teens this holiday season.

So which one are you planning to get?

*via: PinoyTechBlog


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