Yahoo! ranking and the top search categories in the Philippines

So how many here are using Yahoo! to search for stuff? Or know anyone who uses Yahoo! for search? I don’t know what the score is now but here’s a study made based on last year’s statistics on market share for the big three search engines.

Basically, what the graph means is that Yahoo! is number 1 across all age groups. Yahoo! reps aren’t clear on the parameters how this study was made so let’s just take it with a grain of salt shall we? We don’t really know if it’s based on search made or just visit to the site which can make this statistic viable.

Ok so knowing that Yahoo! is still very strong as a landing page or search engine, what are the top searched categories here in the Philippines? Here’s what Yahoo! gave us:

  1. News
  2. Celebrity
  3. Gaming
  4. Travel
  5. Careers

Yahoo! is the go to source for news information. The top searches show Filipinos using the Web to stay on top of news stories. These searches illustrate Filipinos desire for more details on specific stories and news makers.

Anyway if you’re a business owner and want to leverage on Yahoo! advertising for your marketing campaign, you might want to take note of those 5 categories up there. These top searches represent what matters most to Filipinos and offer insights that have proven to be useful to advertisers.


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