Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2 is a GSmart clone?

Cherry Mobile Philippines just announced their latest Windows Mobile powered dual-SIM smartphone they called Eclipse 2. The most intriguing part is that the design and specifications are very identical to an earlier smartphone — a Gigabyte GSmart S1205.

Here’s the poster of Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2 posted on their Facebook Page.

Here’s a photo of the Gigabyte GSmart S1205 and the specifications.

Gigabyte GSmart S1205
3.2″ display resistive touchscreen
Dual-SIM dual standby quad-band
MediaTek MT6516 416MHz CPU
128MB RAM, 256MB ROM
3MP camera w/ VGA@30fps video
WiFi 802.11 b/g
FM radio with RDS
Bluetooth 2.1
Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional

The next question would be “who came out with this unit first?” Well, GSMArena already had a full review of the Gigabyte GSmart S1205 as early as June 17, 2010.

What happened most likely is that Gigabyte and Cherry Mobile used the same equipment manufacturer from Shenzhen China. Normally, the brands would sign an agreement with their suppliers to lock a design specification to their brand so that no other brand would be able to use it (and thus avoid the embarrassment of having clones out in the market).

In this case, Gigabyte obviously got the design contract first. It’s still unsure if Cherry Mobile knew about this when they picked the design too. This kind of incidents also happens with laptops and netbooks too.

By the way, the Cherry Mobile Eclipse 2 is priced at Php9,990.

*via: YugaTech


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