Ipod Touch 4G torn down, only 256MB RAM found

iFixit has finally gotten their hands on the new iPod Touch and did their customary “teardown” to take a look inside the device. A couple of interesting things were found, sort of letdown in my opinion.

When they got into the 1GHz A4 processor, they found that the model is identical to the one used on the iPad and not the iPhone 4. What this means it that just like the iPad, the new iPod Touch only has 256MB RAM and not 512MB as most people initially believed.


Another thing to point out is with regards to the Retina Display. The iPod Touch 4G has the same resolution as that of the iPhone 4. However, it lacks the In-Plane Switching (IPS) technology that’s available on the iPad and iPhone 4.


The IPS gives these devices a wide-viewing angle of up to 178 degrees and the new Touch doesn’t have it. This might result to less than stellar viewing on games requiring you to tilt the iPod.

These and the poor camera that you may have already heard about makes the iPod Touch 4G a bit of a letdown for me despite the initial hoopla. But it won’t stop me from getting one.

Check out the interesting step-by-step teardown did by iFixit. It’s really interesting.

*via: PinoyTechBlog


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