GE X5 Digital Camera

I didn’t knew GE (General Electric) had a camera line until I got this GE X5 digital camera in the package. Surprisingly, the GE X5 is not only a capable point-and-shoot camera with manual controls but very affordable too.

GE X5 specs:
14.1MP sensor
5.7x optical zoom
15x digital zoom
2.7-inch display screen
ISO 80 – 3200
f/3.0 – f/5.2
18MB internal memory
SD Card slot (16GB max)
Auto/Manual settings
Multi-AF (TTL 9-point)
High Dynamic Range
Pan-Capture Panorama

And it’s not just your typical rangefinder camera too. Encased in hard plastic body, the GE X5 looks like a mini-dSLR with its large extending lens (also has the same form factor as the Panasonic GF1 or the Canon Powershot G11).

It comes with a built-in flash that flips from the top section though there’s no hotshoe available for external flash.

The focal length of the lens is from 27mm to 405mm (35mm equivalent) which is why the lens extends more than twice the width of the camera.

The controls at the back are laid out in a familiar way that it was easy to figure it out without referring to the manual. And while you need an SD card to store images and videos, the camera has a small 18MB internal storage just in case you need it.

There’s also manual controls to set the camera but you can always revert to the presets when shooting photos.

The GE X5 doesn’t use any proprietary battery but instead relies on 4 x AA batteries for power. The GE X5 retails for Php10,995 in stores.

But wait, there’s more!

Our friends from i-DigiWorld wants us to give this digital camera away. Check them out at (follow them of Twitter and Facebook). Will announce the mechanics of how you can win this camera tomorrow (or you can suggest ideas what kind of contest we’ll do).

*via: YugaTech


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