Globe Telecom Posts iPhone 4 Price, Plans & Availability

Finally the long wait for the iPhone 4 to be available here in Manila is soon to be over, as Globe Telecom Philippines announces that the iPhone 4 will be available on September 26. People who registered to get updates about the phone get exclusive email with a link to Globe’s iPhone 4 official reservation page. New postpaid subscribers can get the the phone free at 3,790 for the 16GB and 5,000 for the 32GB while the prepaid kit costs Php 37,499 – 16GB and Php 43,699 – 32GB. This includes 1 Months Free Super Surf – Globe’s unlimited 3G data.

New postpaid plan is divided into two, “My Superplan” and “My Fully Loaded plan“. With Globe’s My Superplan you can get the iPhone 4 at Php 29,199 – 16gb and Php 34,599 – 32gb, and get to choose between Super Surf (Php 1,200) with Super Unli (Php 599) or Super Surf (Php 1,200) with Super Unli (Php 599) and Super Txt (Php 349). Alternatively you can also choose your own combination Super Surf  for Php 1,200, DUO  for Php 499, Super DUO for Php 599, Super Unli  for Php 599, Super Txt  for Php 349, Super IDD  for Php 1,999 or Super ONE  at Php 175 and you get to choose the number of subscriptions. Check out the screen shots of Globe’s Fully Loaded Plan below.

Business subscription price includes Php 37, 499 for the 16GB iPhone 4 with prepaid kit included in Business Elite and Php 43,699 for the 32GB. You can check out globe’s business plans here.

Existing Globe Subscriber can renew and choose between the plans shown below.

Looking at the prepaid options, the cheapest way to OWN an iPhone 4 still is to buy it at Apple Singapore Online Store, have it delivered to your friends Singapore address and ask someone to bring it in the Philippines which will only cost you approx. 45k Php. It’s your choice though.

*via: Machoe


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