Hands-on: 2010 Apple iPods

The 2010 Apple iPods are here and we were given an exclusive  hands-on session with Jobs et. al‘s latest  by no less than its regional representative. Once again, we found ourselves turning Apple green with envy.

2010 Apple iPod Shuffle

iPod Shuffle (4th Gen)

  • 2GB: P2,490

There’s not much to say about the new shuffle that hasn’t been said before: it’s tiny, it’s cute, and it’s a joy to use especially with the physical controls. And just as the player is short and sweet, so will its description be.

2010 Apple iPod Nano

iPod Nano (6th Gen)

  • 8GB: P7,990, 16GB: P9,790

Of the 3, the Nano is the true “new” product. Both its software and the hardware are nothing like its predecessor’s and that, curiously could be a good and a bad thing. We had no trouble tinkering around with the user interface although we do miss the form factor of the 5th Gen. Truth be told, the 2010 Nano could have easily been the Shuffle.

2010 Apple iPod Touch

iPod Touch (4th Gen)

  • 8GB: P12,490, 32GB: P15,990, 64GB: P21,990

The 4th Gen touch is definitely thinner and sexier, but the thing that really makes it what it is is iOS 4.1. The unit we fondly fondled came with Game Center and FaceTime. Both worked as well as advertised although we had a lot more fun trying out video calls as GC-enabled games are still limited. Face Time call quality looks more Skype than 3G video: it’s smoother and undoubtedly less choppy.

According to Apple, all three have been available in the Philippines since last week, so if this hands-on feature has convinced you to buy one, you no longer have to wait to get your fix.

*via: Techie.com.ph


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