Apple’s Free iPhone 4 Bumper Case Program

During the peak of the iPhone Antenna-Gate, Steve Jobs announced that all iPhone 4 owners will get a free bumper until September 30, 2010. This is put the death grip issue behind. US, Australia, UK, Spain, HK, Singapore and other first world countries that got the iPhone 4 first automatically gets a bumper.

When Globe Telecom launched the iPhone 4 last Friday and Sunday, I asked several Globe representatives how I can get the free bumper. They said that Globe and Apple didn’t have any agreement to give away free bumpers in the Philippines. Luckily I got Php1,000 PowerMac GC for each iPhone 4 I got last Friday.

Anyways, I researched on how to get the iPhone 4 free bumpers and learned that I need to follow this procedure:


  1. You have to have an existing US, UK, Singapore, HK or Australia iTunes account.
  2. You have a shipping address in those countries.
  3. The iPhone 4 Case Program app from the app store (NOT available in the Philippine App Store)


  1. Install the App to your iPhone 4
  2. Log in to your US iTunes account
  3. Make sure you have a valid US shipping address
  4. Open the Case Program app
  5. Choose from at least 5 different cases available (different shipping dates for each casing)
  6. Confirm order

There you have it! Your free bumper will ship in 2-3 weeks’ time. :)

I ordered 2 different cases by using 2 iPhone 4s I got last Friday. The first 1 is the regular Apple black Bumper that will ship in 1-2 weeks and another one from Speck, Fitted Case shipping in 2-3 weeks.

I got an email confirmation from Apple that I’ll be getting the iPhone 4 cases in 2 different dates, Oct.  15 and 22.

But today, I got another email from Apple — a shipping notification email that says I should expect the Black Apple Bumper next Monday, October 4.

PS. The free bumper program will end September 30! Goodluck!

*via: YugaTech


One thought on “Apple’s Free iPhone 4 Bumper Case Program”

  1. Does this work on a 3GS ? I have one and want the newest software for the newest gadgets. Dont want to upgrade and knacker my phone ?

    By the way I got my phone for free from just for signing up and getting some friends to do the same. I have also had a free ps3, ipod nano and £120.

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