Android-based Sharp IS03 phone’s got a Retina Display, too!


Apple’s so-called Retina Display has been the source of envy of many a device. Aminiiiiin. And now out of the blue comes a phone sporting a display that goes toe-to-toe with the iPhone 4’s. Ladies and gentelemen, meet the humble Sharp IS03 and its 960 x 640 resolution display. Now that’s also RETINA in all caps for you.

The glorious pixel count is not the usual 800/854 x 480 mold of Android phones, so hats off to Sharp for breaking the norm.

Besides the gorgeous screen, the Sharp IS03 uses Advanced Super View technology to get the same “wide” benefits (literally) of in-plane switching or IPS in terms of viewing angles.

Outside of the 3.5-inch display, you’ll find a generous 9.6-megapixel camera complete with autofocus and image stabilization. Other goodies include a TV tuner and the Osaifu-Keitai contactless payment system for use in subways. And Android 2.1 is going to run the show, which is a pity because we believe that it should already have Froyo out of the box. Still, if those specs are just the tip of the iceberg, then we won’t really care that much. Unfortunately, this is a CDMA phone, so the Philippines is definitely not going to get this Sharp. That hurts, doesn’t it?

Sharp IS03 (1)

Sharp IS03 (2)

Sharp IS03 (3)
Sharp IS03 (4)

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