Hands-on: Sony’s PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move

It’s been a while since we’ve tried out a new game console controller. The last one was over a year ago when we played with the Wii Motion Plus. This time around, we got a helping hand from Manila Bulletin‘s Technews editor, Art Samaniego Jr., who was kind enough to let us use the Sony PlayStation Move in their test lab. Yes, we went all the way to Intramuros just to check this baby out.

As you may have expected, the Move is very similar to the Wiimote, as they’re both phallic controllers (the Move, especially) that make you point to where the action is. The 2, however, take very different routes to achieve the same goal; the Wii makes do with the infrared sensor bar, the Move utilizes the PlayStation Eye camera. Sony’s technology basically makes the controller more responsive and nimble, making games more complex by being more realistic.

PlayStation Move 01

The bulbous LED-lit top is made of rubber, not plastic, making them relatively safer compared to the Wiimote. Colors change according to the player number, with only one stick being able to take full control of a game at any given time.

PlayStation Move 02

These are the 3 games that the MB team purchased from Hong Kong. We were able to try Sports Champions and Kung-Fu Rider. The 3rd game, Start the Party, was still unopened, and it didn’t feel right to play it ahead of the dudes who bought the game.

PlayStation Move 03

Calibrating the controller is recommended before the start of every game. It’s not required, but it makes controlling characters more accurate and therefore less frustrating.

PlayStation Move 04

Sports Champions is the PlayStation’s answer to Wii Sports. It’s basically a compendium of games that showcase the many capabilities of the Move. 2-wand control is optional as games will work with just one. Using both hands, however, is more immersive – and tiring.

PlayStation Move 05

Kung Fu Rider is a very fun game. The objective is to run away from the mafia as you navigate narrow streets. Your roster of “vehicles” includes office chairs, trolleys, and push carts, to name a few.

PlayStation Move 06

The graphics look great, as the PS3 is a true HD machine. The 52-inch TV we used did it justice, which is more than we could say for the Nintendo Wii.

PlayStation Move 07

After you get clobbered (which you definitely will), the game shows you a snapshot of your reaction. There’s no escaping the silly grin on your face because Kung-Fu Rider is an absolute laugh trip.

PlayStation Move 08

A close-up of the PS Eye camera. Without its optical prowess, none of the sweat-inducing moves are possible.

*via: Techie.com.ph


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