Sony Philippines outs 3D gadgets just in time for the holidays

Sony 3D products

Sony Philippines has officially started the 3D Days of Christmas, and they brought with them a few nifty-gifties from Japan. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the latest 3D toys in the Philippines: the Sony Bravia NX810, the Sony Cyber-shot TX9, and the Sony Alpha A55 and A33.

They also introduced the PlayStation Move locally, but thanks to our good friends at Manila Bulletin, we were able to keep one step ahead of them (see Hands-on: Sony’s PlayStation Move)!

Sony Bravia NX810

Sony Bravia NX810

Don’t let its wafer-thin profile deceive you because the NX810 series can give you one heck of a 3D ride. With a price tag of P314,999 for the 55-inch version and P404,999 for the 60-inch version, this 3D telly is clearly not for everyone. We do know some people who would gladly sell their souls to the devil for it, though.
A petite and tiny 12.1-megapixel compact that has the brain of an SLR. Not only can it take full HD videos, it can also capture 3D images, thanks to the Sweep Panorama feature. Weighing no more than 149g, this camera, like PacMan, shoots way above its weight class.
Like its little sister, the TX9, the A55 is also capable of 3D Sweep Panorama. Its other selling points, however, are also mighty tempting, like its 10fps burst shooting prowess and full-HD video capture and the electronic viewfinder that some say is the best ever put into a camera.
A 14-megapixel beauty that’s also capable of 3D Sweep Panorama. It sports an Exmor HD sensor and Translucent Mirror technology, making it perform well in dimly lit situations.
Sony 3D launch (October 2010) 01
Sony 3D launch (October 2010) 02
Sony 3D launch (October 2010) 03
Sony 3D launch (October 2010) 04
Sony 3D launch (October 2010) 05

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