Acer Aspire One D255 and Aspire One Happy netbooks outed in RP


Manuel Wong And Ricky Banaag

Bromance: Acer Philippines’ Manuel Wong and Intel Philippines’ Ricky Banaag (and about 3/4 of Derek Ramsey)

We all knew the Acer Aspire One D255 was joining the netbook party today, but what we didn’t know was that it was bringing a friend with it. Actually, “twin” is a better word, as a similarly-spec’d model called the Aspire One Happy (we swear we didn’t make that name up) is also out to put a big smile on your face.

The difference between the 2 is purely cosmetic. The D255 sports a conventional color palette (sandstone brown, ruby red, seashell white, diamond black, and aquamarine) while the Happy uses a “happier,” more youth-oriented spectrum (candy pink, lime green, Hawaii blue, and lavender purple). Again, we didn’t make those names up.

Acer Aspire One D255 and Aspire One Happy specs

  • Processor
    • Type: Intel Atom N550 dual core
    • Speed: 1.5GHz
  • Motherboard/Chipset: Intel NM10
  • Memory (RAM)
    • Type: DDR3
    • Capacity: 1GB
  • Storage: 250GB HDD (5400rpm)
  • Video Card: Intel GMA 3150
  • Optical Drive: n/a
  • Webcam: 1.3mp (1280 x 1024 pixels)
  • Screen
    • Size: 10.1 inches LED backlit
    • Resolution: 1024 x 600 pixels (WSVGA)
  • Connectivity
    • Modem: n/a
    • LAN: 10/100 megabit
    • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
    • Bluetooth: ver. 3.0
  • Ports
    • USB: 3 x ver. 2.0
    • Firewire: 0
    • VGA: 1
    • DVI: 0
    • HDMI: 0
    • Card Reader: 2-in-1
    • Expansion Port: n/a
    • Mic: 1
    • Headphone: 1
  • Operating System: Windows 7 Starter + Android 2.1 Eclair (Quick Boot)
  • Battery Life
    • Cells: 4 (4400mAh)
    • Life: up to 8 hours
  • Size: 258.5 x 185 x 24mm
  • Weight: 1.25kg

Besides the color schemes and the odd name, what really took us by surprise is the fact that both netbooks have dual boot options. You can go straight to Micsrosoft Windows 7 Starter or to – drumroll please – Android 2.1. Yes, the same Android operating system you see in mobile devices such as the LG Optimus and the Samsung Galaxy.

The difference here is interactions are done via the touch pad and you can’t download additional apps,  according to Acer Philippines’ netbook product manager, Dio Vasquez (that is, until somebody comes up with a hack). Vasquez also said that the OS is also able to recognize external USB devices.

The Philippine SRP is pegged at P23,900 which is just right for a netbook but way more expensive than its US price of $329 (about P14,500). Can anyone say “taxed to death”?


The Acer Aspire One D255 in sandstone brown
The Acer Aspire One Happy in lime green
Happy 2
The Acer Aspire One in candy pink
D255 2
The D255 again. This time in Aquamarine
d255 specs
Acer Aspire One D255 partial specs
Acer Aspire One Happy partial specs
Acer Aspire One Happy partial specs
Derek Ramsey
Derek ‘DDR’ Ramsey as the official Aspire One endorser
720p videos run smoothly, thanks to the additional processing power. See how ‘happy’ Gerard Butler looks?
A 2.9 score in the Windows Experience Index reminds us that the D255 and the Happy are still only netbooks.
Windex 2
More info on the Windows Experience Index
Android on a real PC? You betcha.
Android mascot
The fastest boot sequence we’ve seen to date, thanks to this little fella.
Android menu screen
Atom proc
The Intel Atom processor is just as small as a grain of rice.
Chiclet-style keys similar to the ones seen in the Acer Aspire Timeline series
A closer look at the lid
The first thing you’ll get rid of once you get your unit
pink and green
The Happy in pink and in green
android setup
Android settings menu
Direct X Diagnostic Tool
Direct X Diagnostic Tool

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