Nokia E72 vs. Nokia E71

Now that I’ve got both the Nokia E72 and the Nokia E71, we can have a face to face comparison between the two E-series phones. Check out the collection of photos after the jump.

The Nokia E72 has an accelerometer for auto-rotate and an optical trackpad which the E71 did not have. The E72 has 3.5mm jack while the E71 has 2.5mm. The E72 internal storage is 250MB while the E71 has 110MB.

Supported HSDPA speed for the E72 is up to 10.2Mbps while the E71 is just 3.6Mbps. The camera on the E72 is 5MP while it’s only 3.2MP on the E71. The processor was also upgraded from 369MHz to ARM 11 600MHz. The Nokia E72 lost the infrared which was present in the E71.

The E71 and E72 has the same thickness at 10mm by the E72 added a gram of weight to 128g but small over-all volume by 1cc. The keypad has also shrunk a bit on the E72 compared to the E71 but the former has a dedicated flashlight function.

The Nokia E72 has also been out in stores for a couple of weeks now and retails between Php19,500 to Php23,500. The E71 is now down to Php15,000.


*via: YugaTech


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