Cherry Mobile set to reveal its Android phone next weekW

Early last month, Cherry Mobile teased us with the arrival of the Eclipse 2. We thought it’s going to be the Android version of Eclipse but it turned out to be another Windows Mobile 6.5 smartphone.


Next week, Cherry Mobile is set to reveal another smartphone. This time it’s going to be an Android. Can’t get any more info other than this:

Breaking new frontiers to empower the average Filipino consumer, Cherry Mobile goes beyond the usual with the launch of its newest line of smartphones.  Out of an innovative partnership with US communications leader Qualcomm, Cherry mobile is set to further revolutionize the local telecommunications scene through top-of-the-line, ground-breaking, and affordable mobile handsets that can compete head on with the latest innovations by world industry leaders.

Here are a couple of things that would make it a smartphone to consider:

  • Faster than a 600MHz processor
  • At least Android 2.1 (would be cool if it’s 2.2)
  • A decent camera with flash

So are we looking at a very affordable Android smartphone? Sub-10k? Very likely. We’re going to be bringing you more updates on this next week.


*via: PinoyTechBlog


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