Nokia N8 Philippine preorder site now taking reservations

Nokia N8 pre-order

Ladies and gentlemen, be prepared to part with your P23,699 because starting today, you can reserve the mother of all Nokia phones, the Nokia N8, via the official preorder site The first 800 to cast their name will be given a free 16GB flash drive filled with, er… episodes of How I Met Your Mother? Weird.

Preordering is simple and doesn’t require you to submit any payment info. By all accounts, it’s just a way for Nokia Philippines to find out just how many units they should deploy to a particular branch. Units will be available for pickup on Saturday, October 23, 2010, or a week after the official launch, at your preferred Nokia store.

Nokia USB

The site is sponsored in part by Smart Gold, which probably explains why a pop-up gives you the option to bundle a Smart Gold Plan with your order. If you don’t have a postpaid line yet, it might be advisable to get one so you can avail of the N8 with a subsidized price.

Come on, Nokia! Enough teasin’ and on with the pleasin’! Send us the demo unit already!




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