Seagate Momentus XT Solid State Hybrid Drive

his hybrid drive by Seagate looks interesting — it combines the large capacity of regular HDDs as well as the affordability together with the performance of fast SSDs.

The Seagate Momentus XT comes in 500GB capacity with a 4GB SSD integrated with it (that’s where the hybrid comes in).

Seagate Momentus XT 500GB (ST95005620AS)
4GB solid state SLC NAND flash storage
SATA 3Gb/s
32MB cache
7200 rpm (spin speed)
300MB/s transfer speed

The drive monitors which applications or files are frequently used or accessed by the system and it stores them in the 4GB NAND flash storage for better performance. As such, I don’t think it will have any significant performance improvement if you’re transferring large files at a time.

This hybrid drive can be used in laptops or external drive enclosures and with a retail price of about Php6,500 it’s still a bit more expensive than the regular ones.


*via: YugaTech


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