Steve Jobs on tablets: 7 inches is too small

No to 7 inches!

Tech site Mashable reports that Steve Jobs made a rare appearance during Apple’s earnings calls yesterday and he blurted out a few juicy tidbits. One of them being his opinions on a 7-inch tablet. In a nutshell, Sir Steve referred to the screen size as a “tweener.” meaning it’s too small to pass off as a tablet, but too big to pass off as a smartphone.

Jobs emphasized that the iPad’s 9.6 inches of screen real estate is the smallest any manufacturer could go to guarantee a good tablet experience. Any smaller than that, and the icons and the menu buttons will be hard to select not to mention it would seriously compress most websites especially in portrait mode. No doubt he was referring to the horde of Android tablets flooding the market today.

However, his royal highness of Cupertino, California, didn’t stop there as he continued to say that open source doesn’t always win. And when it comes to open source, it doesn’t get any more free and open than Google. Unless you believe what that other Steve, Microsoft’s Mr. Ballmer, said.

In our opinion, it’s still too early to tell whether the world would take kindly to a 7-incher. It certainly has its appeal, especially when it comes to the price, but as for its supposed lack of functionality? Well, as we said, only time can tell.

Source Mashable




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