Smart Bro Pocket WiFi Portable 3G Router

Smart now has their own version of a portable 3G+WiFi router they called SmartBro Pocket WiFi. This new product competes head-on with Globe MyFi launched back in July.

The SmartBro Pocket WiFi is only available on a postpaid Plan 495 for 50 hours of 3G internet every month. You will also need to add another Php150 per month for the Pocket WiFi device for the next 24 month lock-in period (that makes Php645/month for 24 months).

An extra Php10 per 30 minutes will be charged on top of the MSF when you exceed the 50 hour allocation. The promised speed it up to 2Mbps. They even have a promo that if you pay on time, you get 5 hours free on top of your monthly allocation.

As of the moment, they do not have an unlimited plan, probably because this will compete with the SmartBro Share-It Unlimited Plan. However, unlike the SmartBro Share-It that is restricted to your area/city/province, the SmartBro Pocket WiFi has nationwide coverage.

Likewise, since this is a postpaid account, the Smart UnliSurf offers (Unlisurf200) are not applicable on this device. Not sure if this is also a Huawei device (probably a ZTE by the looks of it) but it can handle up to 5 WiFi devices at the same time.


*via: YugaTech


3 thoughts on “Smart Bro Pocket WiFi Portable 3G Router”

  1. 3 mos. on Sun 799 on my Samsung Galaxy 5 with Android OS (also available on plan 999 with the same phone for free with calls – didn’t need the unli txt and calls so opted for 799 – wish I took the 649 instead cause the USB dongle needs the sim I put into my Samsung to work, I thought the USB was an independent modem) HSDPA speeds usually in Cubao, EDGE usually in Caloocan on weekdays and HSDPA on weekends, HSDPA in Novaliches, and I use SM’s free WIFI by registering my email in SM Cubao, Fairview, Novaliches, and North EDSA. Friendly customer service. Fast upload on home videos and pictures, fast download on zipped manga files. Satisfied customer.

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