P5,995 Huawei E5 Pocket MiFi is your own Wi-Fi hotspot

Anyone who has a Globe MiFi, please stand up. Well, kids, starting end of November, you’ll be seeing a pimped-up version of that 3G router, the P5,995 Huawei E5 Pocket MiFi. This one now has a screen that shows your connection, how strong your signal is, and how much juice you have left. You gotta stop groping in the dark at some point, you know.

The nice thing about the Huawei E5 is you can always stick your middle finger to slow Internet connection because this one’s open line. Crappy connection in Makati? Just stick in a SIM card from another telco. If all of them give you a Pong Pagong connection, then that’s the Man Above telling you to get off the Internet. But we digress.

You can turn this one into a network storage device because it’s equipped with a microSD card that can read up to 16GB. The rechargeable battery will last you up to 5 hours of continued use or 100 hours of standby. Pretty decent, we must say. And like the Globe MiFi, you can still connect up to 5 Wi-Fi-capable devices to it. Talk about having your own Wi-Fi hotspot. Hey, why don’t you charge people, even friends, who want to connect to your Huawei E5? No? Just sayin’.


Huawei E5
The Huawei E5 Pocket MiFi fondled
Huawei E5 2
Sitting pretty next to an iPhone
Huawei E5 3
Back view
Huawei E5 4
An order of Wi-Fi
Huawei E5 5
Bottom’s up
Huawei E5 6
View from the top
Huawei E5 7
The new IP admin page
Huawei E5 8
Giving you access to features such as password settings, profile management, firewall, and message sending
*via:  Techie.com.ph

3 thoughts on “P5,995 Huawei E5 Pocket MiFi is your own Wi-Fi hotspot”

  1. I have an unlimited data plan with Globe for my iPhone 3G. I wonder if I can thether my phone’s internet connection to the Huawei MiFi, instead of plugging a SIM card into it.

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