Philippines beat China, India in Net Speeds

There are promised internet speeds by ISPs and there are real internet speeds that consumers actually experience. In a set of data from Akamai, the top 50 countries with the most internet users were ranked based on the average connection speeds.

With an average download speed of 0.9Mbps, the Philippines bested China (0.86Mbps) and India (0.82Mbps).

It was not a surprise that South Korea topped the list at 16.63Mbps followed by Hong Kong (8.57Mbps) and Japan (8.03Mbps). Singapore did not made it to the list since it did not have enough internet users in the global top 50.

Come to think of it, a national average of 0.9Mbps doesn’t seem so bad. Malaysia gets 1.19Mbps, Vietnam has 1.73Mbps, Thailand is 2.90Mbps and Indonesia gets a measly 0.63Mbps.

You can read the full report here.


*via: YugaTech


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